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The discussions concern what it means to be alive at this historical moment, at the crossroads of so many profound changes. At the center stage are the transformations wrought by the Internet, especially their implications for artistic practices. Emphazasizing the material and the local—the sensoria and situatedness of everyday life across diverse regions of the globe—as it integrates with the displacement fuelled by the global networks, this forum is an elaborate social world criss-crossed with new kinds of presences. It has intersected with embodied realities in very complex and surprising ways, facilitating illuminating encounters with others. Studiously self-reflexive, it has generated passionate debates on precisely what constitutes this «other». Playful and encouraging of experimentation, it has inspired artistic interventions that toy with the questions of embodiment, identity and locality. At the same time, the emergence of entirely new visual languages and the possibilities for artistic interventions in the symbolic fields of the Net suggest new directions for artistic work. Wether political or formal, art can help illuminate changes in perception and representation at the same time that it can offer new possibilities for critical endeavor.

Commentaire posté par Jordan Crandall, aujourd’hui à 20h04
Interaction: Artistic Practice in the Network, D.A.P./Distributed Art Publishers, 2001.

I think new technologies create a new structure of thinking. As a matter of fact, this new structure of thinking does not mandatory express itself through these technologies. Internet does not give rise to artists who use Internet. Internet creates new possibilities in our consciousness. New technologies penetrate art. This is an instrument which gives opportunity to do something different. [lire aussi l e commentaire 4 de l'article 01]

Commentaire posté par Nicolas Bourriaud, aujourd’hui à 20h18
Lars Movin, Videologier. Vol. 2, Danske Kunstakademi, 2003.